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Featured - Healthier Matters in  UK Blog Directory icon  Health - See more

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Healthier Matters

Health and beauty blog with lots of tips about wellness, nutrition and mobility.
Visit often for new articles for the latest stuff from cosmetic surgery to laser hair removal and new fat removal methods.

We also cover medical matters such as mental health, neurological conditions and anything else that affects our health on a daily basis.
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Blog added by ak696 on 04/05/2018 03:46
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Interests: nutrition, wellness, yoga, beauty, aesthetics, cosmetic surgery, laser hair removal
Favourite Films/TV: Food Matters (2008), Super Size Me

Favourite Books/Authors: In Defence of Food, The Diet Illusion
Location: London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Basic Listing - Musings of a Trainee Battleaxe in  Health

Musings of a Trainee Battleaxe
An Autism blog with a difference. Controversial at times in a positive way.
Blog added by emmalucy19 on 20/06/2019 01:31   |   Click here to visit: Https://

Basic Listing - G-nouVa by Carlos Verdeza MD in  Health

G-nouVa by Carlos Verdeza MD
With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Verdeza is considered an industry expert among his peers.He is board certified by the International Society of Cosmetic Gynecology, and occasionally provides seminars and training within the industry.
Blog added by GnouVa on 08/08/2016 07:19   |   Click here to visit:

Basic Listing - Feel Good Contacts - Contact Lenses Blogs in  Health

Feel Good Contacts - Contact Lenses Blogs
Blogs about feel good contact products from contact lenses to eyeglasses & drops reviews in UK
Blog added by santi.feelgoodcontacts on 01/08/2016 12:46   |   Click here to visit:

Basic Listing - Phimosis | An Embarrassing Male Issue in  Health

Phimosis | An Embarrassing Male Issue
My blog discussing how I resolved phimosis, an embarrassing issue affecting 2% of adult men
Blog added by i.marsden on 18/10/2018 18:56   |   Click here to visit:

Basic Listing - Bangs Fitness in  Health

Bangs Fitness
Each week we publish valuable and reliable information pertaining to weight loss, muscle building, and health and fitness in general.
Blog added by bangsfitness on 05/11/2015 14:15   |   Click here to visit:

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