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What is a Blog?
Many things to many people, but to us it's a place on the internet where you can talk to the World.

Why a UK Blog Directory?
The World of Blogs is enormous, we want to show off, with your help, the quality of Blogs in the UK.

Do we use Redirects?
Absolutely not! All links on this site are direct to your own website.

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FAQ for UK Blog Directory


If this FAQ page doesn't answer your question you can contact us at any time:

1. How many Blogs can I Submit?
A. As many as you like. However the Email Address and Password that you submit must be unique for each Blog. You can use the same Email many times but each Blog must have a different Password.
2. Can I change a Blog once I've submitted it?
A. Yes - you can change all details recorded on your Blog at any time. Click on Members Login and enter your Login Details.
3. Can I remove a Blog?
A. Yes - you can remove your Blog at any time. Click on Members Login and enter your Login Details.
4. Can I Submit a Blog in another Language?
A. Yes - But use 'International Submit' if you are outside of the United Kingdom
5. Can I upload my own image?
A. If you have a Featured Blog - Click on Members Login and use the left-hand panel to select and upload your image.
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